Appel à la solidarité internationale pour City Plaza

Publié: avril 28, 2017 dans Communiqués -Déclarations, P/Actualité
Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 3.58.58 PM.pngDear Comrades and friends of City Plaza,

Most of you will have read the statement of City Plaza Athens regarding the rumors about the forthcoming evictions of refugee housing squats in Greece ( At least it has already run over various lists, including the action2-list.

Here’s some background info to explain the seriousness of the situation somewhat more precisely.

Last week, the Minister of Public Security, Toskas, said on TV: « Private spaces where the owners make the necessary demands will be evicted. » (He said this in the context of a more than an hour-long interview, which focused on all matters relating to the ministry’s issues.)

As many of you know, the City Plaza belongs to a private individual. The owner, who has left the hotel empty and rot for six years, has – already shortly after the occupation on 22.04.2016 – filed a law suit and asked for eviction. Since nothing happened after almost a year, although she has appeared at the government and has given press conferences, she recently filed a complaint against the minister responsible, who is Toskas, and the police president.

All this has exerted some pressure on the government to which Toskas reacted in the described manner. We must therefore be prepared that the announcement will also be followed by deeds, at the latest when the matter falls into the hands of some right-wing prosecutor, who will gladly target the government. (In contrary to Germany, for example, the public prosecutor is « independent » in Greece, i.e. the govmt cannot issue instructions towards him; he has the same position as e.g. in Italy.) Even if the minister enjoys immunity for his governmental work, the indignation in the media will rise. We do not think that this government has the guts to withstand such pressure.

All this does not mean that we are panicked. We do not necessarily expect an eviction before Easter. But we still have to prepare for and in any case.

Therefore our request is to send solidarity addresses to us and protest letters to the Minister (Minister of Citizen Protection, P. Kanellopoulou Ave. 4, 10177 Athens). Also mails would be good ( From letters or mails we would like to obtain a copy (

We are currently examining further possibilities for expressing protest, especially in co-operation with our friends and partners outside Greece. 

Please excuse multiple postings.

In solidarity

Achim, City Plaza Athens
  1. Génia KLUKOWSKI dit :

    Je suis solidaire avec le peuple grec qui est très courageux, compte tenu de ce qu’il subit par les Européens de Bruxelles et autres instances financières internationales ! C’est scandaleux !

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